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Racing the world.

    A project born in Cape Town, we aim to compete in the Global Solo Challenge.
    We're updating content as we go, so please visit again sometime~ she's on the water!

    A 30 000 nautical mile solo circumnavigation.

    She's fast.

    We're the Metric Offshore Sailing Team, with plans to solo sail our Class 40 across the world. Originally designed by Owen Clarke (UK), the vessel is currently getting fighting-fit, with a series of design and equipment updates.
    Representing South Africa, we relish the challenge ahead, and are seeking sponsorship from like-minded entities.
    Branding opportunities are available.

    Progress: February 2023

    We're building sailing!

    She's on the water and in a hurry, with most design and equipment updates completed~ certainly enough to enjoy some offshore workouts with friends and supporters, as we test her mettle...

    Say hello if you see us!

    Class 40 overview

    These are light weight monohull yachts primarily used for short handed offshore and coastal racing. They're designed within a box rule that stipulates the boats be built from composite and PVC foam (although they may have a carbon mast, boom & bowsprit) and cannot have a canting keel.Boat weight: Min 4,580 kg (10,100 lb)
    LOH: Max 12.19 m (40.0 ft)

    Likes to sail fast

    Our Skipper

    Fulfilling a life-long ambition, Dealtry has spent much of his life on the water, and relishes the competition and challenge offered by the Global Solo Challenge. He hopes to promote South Africa and its people, brands & businesses, as well as highlighting initiatives that resonate with him.

    One such initiative is the Mouse-Free Marion Project, which concerns the plight of seabirds on Marion Island, located in the southern Indian Ocean. Please visit their website to learn more and spread awareness of their cause.

    The race

    The Race

    Our mission

    Ready for some real work?
    The Global Solo Challenge is a single-handed, assistance-free, race around the world sailing event, with a unique format. It will depart from A Coruña, Spain, in September - October 2027.
    It is for sailors on a wide range of boats, seeking the challenge of a competitive solo circumnavigation under the umbrella of an affordable, well organised and controlled event that puts the safety of participants first.

    Race overview

    The format is unlike any other round the world solo sailing event - fair and exciting for the Skippers, while being easy and engaging for the public and sponsors to follow:• A wide range of boats can enter - 32 to 55 foot.• Boats will be grouped by performance characteristics and set off in successive departures over 11 weeks, for a non stop race.• Once at sea, there are no classes. All boats will be sailing the same event. The faster boats will have to try to catch up with the slower vessels, the pursuit factor creating competitive interest aboard, and a fascinating spectacle for the public & sponsors.The first boat to cross the finish line wins! The performance differential between the yachts is taken into account in staggering their departures, eliminating the need to calculate corrected times. Every entrant therefore has the potential for victory.

    Starts in A Coruña, October 2027.
    Entrants will start the event from the protected bay waters of Ria da Coruña. After rounding the peninsula of Montealto, where the iconic Tower of Hercules is located, they will quickly be into the prevailing trade winds, passing Cape Finisterre prior to their descent of the Atlantic.

    Sponsorship opportunities

    Join the team

    Fewer than 200 entrants have ever undertaken this solo-sail challenge. The race bridges the gap between high-budget, professional events- and the very human dream of accomplishing a single-handed circumnavigation."I've always admired the courage and determination of the world's sailing greats, both past and present, who inspire me to push myself against the elements to see how far I can go. On a personal level, participation will be the realisation of a dream for me. It will however also take us into the wild oceans, where few have the privilege of being up close with the extreme natural world that is fast becoming more and more compromised. The ocean is the life source of this planet, and our aim is to share not only a focus on the seas and the race above them, but to offer sponsors - who invest in this journey with me - a dynamic platform with which to promote environmental support across our marketing and visual media campaigns." ~ DealtryIt’s an opportunity for companies or brands to align themselves with values of determination, innovation, and perseverance in the face of adversity. Solutions to problems.

    Take your brand around the world! Title sponsorship available.

    Below you can learn more about our corporate sponsorship opportunities.
    As well as that, individual support toward 'The List' of items needed to partake in the 2027/8 Global Solo Challenge is also massively helpful, be it a sponsored or loaned item, or individual donation.


    International exposure:
    250M+ global interest in sailing
    70M+ global sailing participants (and growing)
    B2B Communication power:
    • Majority of sailing fans are over 200% more likely to hold managerial or executive positions in medium or large business structures
    • Sailing fans are more likely to promote a brand online if it gives a feeling of event participation (SA 25%; Europe 47%; AUS/ NZ 64%)
    • Sailing fans are 25% more likely to support clean environmental initiatives than the general population, and 11% more likely to pay more for products or services that contribute to such initiatives


    • Awareness: Brand or service exposure in one of the most competitive and challenging international sailing events in the world

    • Value: An event taking place over months and spanning much of the world, offering sponsorship longevity

    • Media engagement: The race is well documented, with social media interactions increasing annually

    • Sustainability: Competitive sailing resonates strongly with environmental awareness and sustainability initiatives locally and abroad

    • Brand showcase: Your logo and/ or corporate identity sponsorship graphics participating in a dynamic and hugely thrilling spectacle

    • International reach: Associate with other industry supporting international brands and target a growing audience for your business:

    With modern satellite-based internet and race media coverage, the potential for a partner to achieve a really great return has become a reality. The possibility of tracking and providing fresh content on a daily basis gives shoreside followers a reason to engage with the event and the sponsors again and again.

    Our sponsors

    marketing options

    Branding guide

    Title sponsor - prime branding across yachtA) Main sail - 1 x Gold; 2 x Silver; 3 x BronzeB) Jib - 1 x Silver; 2 x BronzeC) Spinnaker - 1 x GoldD) Hull - 1 x Silver; 4 x Bronze

    Gold: minimum 4m² branding area, full brand colours
    Silver: minimum 2m² branding area, maximum 3 brand colours
    Bronze: minimum 0.5m² area (typically logos), one brand colour

    The vessel is currently unbranded.
    Make your mark!

    Our local friends

    Download our sponsorship proposal:

    Equipment sponsorship or donations:


    We're working on things...

    We'll be adding updates to this site on our progress as we go!
    More social media content will be available soon, but shoot us an email to get in touch.
    Say hello if you see us!

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    Equipment sponsorship

    In for a penny...

    Competing across 30 000 nautical miles in the Global Solo Challenge is tough, in more ways than one.
    We're trying to work through The List as best we can, and any equipment or event sponsorship of any kind is deeply appreciated.
    Where do we stand so far? Please bear witness below. Orange items are the have-to-haves.

    Entrance feeGSC 2023/4€7500Due by June 30th, 2023
    Air tickets2 x Return flights€2200June '23; Sep '23; Apr '24
    KatadynWatermaker (40E)€4200Safety equipment
    KatadynEmergency watermaker (Survivor 06)€1000Safety equipment
    VikingRescYou Pro 4-man liferaft€4200Safety equipment
    VikingLifejacket 275N€250Safety equipment
    VikingImmersion/ survival suit€400Safety equipment
    Helly HansenAegir Ocean Dry Top€1000Safety Equipment
    EchomaxRadar Reflector Active XS€1400Safety Equipment
    IridiumSatellite phone 957S x 2 (total)€3000Comms/ electronics
    IridiumGo Exec€1500Comms/ electronics
    GlobecastSatellite airtime - 1 yr deal€3200Comms/ electronics
    RaymarineAutohelm Linear Ram Mk2€2000Navigation
    B&GMasthead Unit (wind speed/ nav)€1200Navigation
    B&GZeus 9" Plotter€2750Navigation
    B&GZeus 7" Plotter€1900Navigation
    PlastimoIris 100 Hand Bearing Compass€115Navigation
    SteinerBinoculars - Navigator Pro 7x50€460Navigation
    SteinerSextant - Astra IIIB€825Navigation
    Ocean PowerHydrogenerators x 2€2000Power
    SolbianSolar panels x 8 (total)€2000Power
    VictronMPPT 100/20 for solar panels€120Power
    GenasunMPPT gvb pb 12 for solar panels€180Power
    WebastoDiesel Heater Air 2000st€1500Power
    Ocean OutilsStorage bags x 10 (total)€1400Storage
    North SailsSpinnaker A2 SA flag (heavy)€5800Sails
    North SailsSpinnaker A2 white/ orange (light)€5800Sails
    North SailsHead Sails Solent€6200Sails
    North SailsHead Sails Staysail€4000Sails

    Thank you

    You're with us!

    Every sponsored, donated or loaned item gets your name on the boat, with more to be announced in due course as we put things together.
    30 000 Thank-yous for 30 000 miles.

    © Metric Offshore Sailing Team. All rights reserved. Branding: Civilian